ThoramaxTM Ingredients

ThoramaxTM is crafted from the following six active ingredients. While alone these plants have beneficial properties it is our patented ThoramaxTM blend which yields the most remarkable results. Together they have proven to kick start your metabolism and reduce fat storage like nothing we have seen before.


Green Tea Leaf Extract

The active ingredients in green tea promote increased metabolism and fat oxidation. It also works to lower bad cholesterol and elevate the good cholesterol.



Chromium is a metal and essential trace element. It can help improve and stabilize your blood sugar, fight depression, lower bad cholesterol, improve good cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

Sclareolides Seed

Sclareolides is derived from clary sage, Salvia sclarea, which is a biennial herb. It is used to help increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. It is commonly used to help shrink fat cells in slimming products.


Made from the sap of the Guggul tree. Guggulsterones are shown to improve thyroid function and reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine Cacao is similar to caffeine and its health benefits are far reaching. It is shown to promote healthy heart function and dilates blood vessels.


Caffeine has been used for years for its metabolism boosting properties. Recent research has shown it also prevents accumulation of fat in cells.


Start today and the watch the pounds melt away!

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